Essence of the Style

Zone Fighting

Zone fighting is a system based on exploiting the opponents velocity zones by way of geometric advantage.

There are 5 velocity zones and 9 natural weapons to nullify on any human.

The Psychology of the fight.

Understanding the processes that are happening in the mind of an aggressor, in order to gain the ability to make them question their motives and resolve. This is how a mental victory can be won against a physically superior attacker.

Calm Confidence

I do not teach techniques for the purpose of learning techniques. I teach Human Physiology so that remembering techniques are not necessary.

When you become aware of the abilities and limitations of the body's framework, you become a "mechanic" instead of a fighter.

When this happens, you will become the master of your destiny and know with certainty that your life experiences will be yours and yours alone.No longer will your decisions be guided by intimidation, but by what your  heart dreams for.

I do not attempt to create great fighters. My goal is to create the spirit of a champion that can move through life with grace and ease.

Thank you very much to Chuck! We spend a really great and special time learning great tricks from a talent teacher. You are really generous and your lessons are useful and powerful. Meeting Chuck changed our mind thinking and life for real!

From the news-for- real-bad-ass-Montreal-chicas. Daphnette Brisse, Emilie Meinhof, and Maude Fecteau

What I teach

Universal Problem Solving * Conflict Resolution * Last Resort Threat Elimination

The Movements

This art is not pieces of many arts. It is the evolution of effectiveness. There is nothing "pretty" about this method. It centers solely on what is effective. This is not a sport it is effective fighting.

Incorporated are stylings from Korean Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do. Chinese Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) and White Crane Gung fu. Torsion principles from Thai Boxing and  submission and dislocations of Military Ju Jitsu.

The Source

The principles of the Chinese teachings concerning "conservation of energy"  have been observed, respected and intertwined with the principles of Physics and Geometry in order to maintain power projection without the necessity for rigorous strength or endurance training.

The principles of energy projection are taught with an emphasis on the idea that we control nothing but are able to "borrow" and "direct" the electrical potential of the environment that we exist in.

I say "electrical" because that is what it represents itself to be. Both in the eyes of the receiver and the giver. The people who are being struck report a flash of light and then disorientation.

When the person giving this energy does it improperly the damage presents as electrical in effect.

*Student was striking a 4" thick soft foam dummy. Student reported "energy escaping through the sides of his fist" because the   conductor was discharged before contact with an outlet (ground).

The Joy

The precept of Universal Problem Solving.

I become aware that I am a collection of my victories and defeats. Armed with this information, I choose to believe that there exist no obstacles that are insurmountable. Understanding that the obstacles also are a collection of victories and defeats allows us to disassemble the obstacle piece by piece when we have fully understood the essence of the obstacle.

Understanding brings ease.